Find out more about tasty, seasonal, local and mostly affordable recipes and food ideas.

Matthew was a contestant in Masterchef 2011, he’s worked in popular London restaurants and is available to hire as a private chef. He is currently working with Central Street Cookery School to provide demonstrations and classes. As well as the blog, he has written for London Farmers’ Markets and Flavour magazine.

As well as tasting great, good food has to have a great story. It needs to come from a source you can trust, preferably one not too far away, and it has to have been produced at the right time of year. Of course, these things generally improve the flavour but they will also have economic, environmental and welfare benefits.

He has just moved to Woodbridge, Suffolk and is already staggered by the range and quality of the ingredients on offer. He’s been visiting some fantastic local restaurants and is busy developing some exciting new ideas.

You can contact Matthew via Twitter @mattsbread or by leaving a comment on this blog. He will respond.


One thought on “About

  1. shuhan says:

    That’s the reason why I love working at the farmer’s market, talking to the producers, knowing about the food I’m putting on my plate, where it came from. There’s just no way tomatoes from the supermarket shelves can beat a ripe summer tomato fresh from the farm. Love your food philosophy, will be following (:

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