Chopped gooseberry and mint salad

So sour and acidic, this needs the earliest, hardest gooseberries. I suppose in a way it’s a take on traditional mint sauce, but it’s also a bit like a salsa or a Middle Eastern style chopped salad. Anyway, I came up with it to accompany barbecued lamb chops but I imagine it might also work really well with fish, particularly oily fish, or chicken.


three or four small handfuls of hard, sour gooseberries; 2 tbsp chopped fresh mint; 1 finely sliced spring onion; 2 tsp rapeseed oil; ½ tsp cabernet sauvignon vinegar; 1 tsp runny honey; sprinkling of sea salt flakes


Chop the gooseberries as finely as you can, mix with all the other ingredients and sprinkle with the salt flakes.


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