Crispy spiced breast of mutton with wild garlic and chargrilled fennel

This was created to use up the breast from a mutton loin and to accompany sumac roasted loin of mutton. Preparing the meat is a little bit fiddly, but worth it. Essentially you have to separate out all the thin fillets within the breast.

Serves 2 as part of sharing plates


Breast from 500g loin of mutton, skin and most of fat removed and separated into strips of lean meat

Marinade: 1 tsp each of lightly toasted ground cumin and coriander; 1 tsp smoked paprika; 1 clove crushed garlic; sea salt

Small bunch (10 stems approx) wild garlic; 2 slices fennel; olive oil


Marinade the strips of meat for as long as possible.

Get a ridged grill pan really hot.

Lightly rub the fennel with oil and place the slices on the pan. Cook on both sides until just tender and well marked.

Slice the wild garlic then blanch for just a few seconds in boiling water to just wilt. Bash the garlic with a little salt and olive oil in a pestle and mortar. It doesn’t need to be a puree, just well bruised.

Cook the pieces of lamb on the pan until dark all over and crispy.

Place the lamb on the fennel and then cover with wild garlic.



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